Galaxy S11 Design & Concept – A Futuristic Smartphone

In the first quarter of year 2019, Samsung celebrated the 10th anniversary of their S line series with launch of Galaxy S10. Sustaining its advanced features & unique design of all time. This Smartphone is still on top in ranks among other flagship devices. While a few days back, gossips about the next arrival of this series “Galaxy S11” are also circulating in tech industry. Especially after a leak of Samsung’s new patent design & its 3d renders on the LetsGoDigital website. The Internet world is now full of conceptual data about expected design, features, and specs of S11.

But no one exactly knows what would we get out of the box on its release. Galaxy S11 is expected to come out in the first quarter of year 2020. No matter what the predictions are, but I am pretty sure that Samsung will surprise the world with the most futuristic device this time. Because delay in the launch of Galaxy Fold has already damaged their market reputation badly. As market competition is really tough and rivals always seek to get flaws from each other plans. So, Samsung will not come slow this time, they will try to overcome all the previous debts.

Galaxy S11 Patent

How Galaxy S11 will look like:

As per concept of patent design, S11 is likely to have a larger and expandable display. But how would this expansion work? It is not clear yet. Some of the sources are predicting its display operation same as the galaxy fold. While others are considering it as a rollable display like Sony Foldable Smartphone. But according to 3d renders, which are totally based on the patent design. I personally think that Galaxy S11 will have a foldable or railing display supporting both phone & tablet mode.

Similarly, S11 is likely to feature an edge screen panel in correspondence with some previous models of the S series. Such a beautiful concept of this display can open up the whole new world of hopes for Samsung side. On the camera’s side, filed patent is suggesting a triple camera setup on the back and a dual camera with a hole punched display on front. Charging port seems like type C-port as galaxy s10. Other than that, price factors for this device may vary above the range of S10 series.

Samsung S11
Samsung new smartphone

So far, these leaks about design & display structure of Galaxy S11 have gone much viral in the tech industry. While more specifications about CPU chip, memory, display resolution, headphone jack, and built material are still concealed. Bixby lovers are also confusing whether its gonna be available this time or not.

Well, that’s all the relevant data I could gather from online sources about forthcoming Galaxy S11. There are a lot more surprises to come out yet. I am pretty enthusiastic about further news relating to this most awaited smartphone of 2020. Guys, let me know your thoughts on this unique concept of an invention by Samsung. Don’t forget to leave positive feedback about this article.

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