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App-Ads.Txt and Google – Anti-Fraud formula.

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App-Ads.Txt & Google

Over the past few years, Google is analyzing more on its policy side to keep operations transparent & secured. In this regard, Google has decided to adopt an appropriate solution in the form of app-ads.txt to bypass Ads fraud. Most probably, they will launch this service at the end of August 2019.

What is App-Ads.Txt?

App-Ads.Txt means Authorized Sellers for App. Basically, IAB (International Advertising Beaureo) Tech Lab took this initiative in order to secure the backlog of Application Ads. Which helps in ensuring a smooth ecosystem of Ads on mobile apps, Smart TV apps, and other websites, etc.

As there is much flexibility in the online industry but it has raised several unauthorize activities damaging the overall flow of businesses including Ad chain. So, building these files allow publishers to determine legitimate authorities for selling Ads without any fraud. Google strongly recommends to create and enlist app-ads.txt file in domains & play store directory before August 27.

Implementing app-ads.txt in Admob:

The following are some major steps required to implement ad-apps.txt.

  • Provide a relevant URL of the website in listings of the app store on Google Play or App Store.
  • Publicize created the app-ads.txt file by IAB in the root directory of that website which is listed on play or app store.
  • Paste codes of all authorized sellers for your app in the file.

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Consider the following points of app-ads.txt files relating to your apps.

  • URL you provided in play or app store.
  • The correct ID of Apps.
  • Store location where the app is available for download.
  • Verification Status of the enlisted apps.

Keep in mind that it may take some hours to verify app-ads.txt files and their status update.

About IAB:

IAB (International Advertising Beaureo is a tech lab working on a non-profit basis in Research and Development to ensure standards accordingly. IAB focuses on improving and promoting global digital media under transparent criteria. It consists of several tech companies, marketing agencies, and publishers. Ad-Apps.Txt is their initiative to secure resources from illegal acts.

Important Note: For a detailed process step by step, you may approach Google Support.

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