Minecraft Popularity 2019 – Increased number of Players

Minecraft was basically a game title of Sandbox Video Game released in May 2009. In September 2014, Microsoft owned its Intellectual property of worth 2.5 Billion US Dollars. Today, this game is available on every single platform including Pc, Play Station, Xbox, Nintendo, PSP, Android & iOS, etc. Minecraft popularity is also touching new heights of achievements because of its open-world gameplay and endless addiction. In today’s topic, I will review Minecraft popularity, Growth graph, and Gameplay. So let’s directly start the topic.

Minecraft Popularity

There is a drastic increase being noticed in the number of Minecraft players. Game is becoming capable of competing many other titles in the gaming industry. It is rated among the Best-Selling Pc Games with more than 30 million copies sold out. While have sold out 176 million copies overall early in 2019. Microsoft revealed that Minecraft is successfully reaching 112 million active users per month. Which is 20 million more than the previous graph records & no doubt a marvelous achievement of its kind. Other than that, they are also improving its gameplay and graphics by releasing certain updates on a regular basis.

Minecraft Gameplay:

Minecraft is actually an independent open-world game that allows players to craft or built several things with the help of blocks. Imagine anything in your mind and construct it in the game. Game is pretty much addictive available in both single and multiplayer modes. Levels become easy to hard as per the level of expertise. People of all ages like Kids, Adults, as well as Seniors, play this wonderful game to make their gaming hours more enjoyable.

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Modes in Minecraft:

  • Survival: Make survival possible by collecting relevant resources and fighting with mobs.
  • Creative: Create a unique environment or world with all blocks available option.
  • Adventure: Sort of the same mode as survival. It contains Fights, Damage, and Resources Collection.
  • Spectator: Players become invisible to all except others who are also in this mode. The purpose of mode is to see other players’ environment.
  • Hardcore: An extra difficult mode without respawning option. Also similar to survival mode.

Players can also use various cheats in Minecraft having impacts in return on gameplay accordingly. Minecraft world is totally yours, built it or destroy it, that’s up to you. Minecraft Popularity and growth rely upon this reason of independence in the game. Give a try to Minecraft today if you have not & let me know your feedback regarding its gameplay.


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