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Youtube Music App Will Be Preinstalled in Android 10

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Youtube Music App

Google is deeply focused on implementing new strategies to top up its music-related product and services. This time, they are planning to replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music. Moreover, the YouTube Music app will come preinstalled on devices having a new version of Android 10.

Devices with Android 9 will also get this new update of the preinstalled app but is limited to Google Pixel Series only. So, the rest of the users with Android 9 and below can download the app directly from Play Store.

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Google is not ending with its Play Music service. But replacing it with YouTube Music as a preinstalled app. Users of Google Play Music can regularly use it as they are using with their relevant account.

YouTube started their Music App back in November 2015, while Google Play Music was launched in the Year 2011. Their tough competitors are Apple and Spotify with millions of paid subscribers. Apple Music has a figure of 60 million, while Spotify has 108 million paid subscribers around the globe. Now Google is on its way to introduce only one paid subscription platform in form of YouTbe Music app.

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Youtube Music App

Google is merging all in one to YouTube Music for enhancing the experience of Music Lovers with a great variety of features. YouTube music will allow non stop streaming of music, live performance, audio, video, offline & online listening without ads to paid subscribers (premium).

The second reason behind this upgrade is to increase subscriptions and market value in comparison with other rivals. YouTube Music has more than 15 million subscribers while on the other end, Spotify has 232 million active users on a monthly basis. To cover-up this huge gap, Google is working on several strategies in the form of YouTube Music and its preinstallation as an app. Because YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly users. Which can surely boost up the chances for Google & YouTube to compete with other competitors.

(Note: YouTube Music has limited access to a limited number of countries, with possibilities of expanding its services worldwide in every region)

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