Tech News For Today – Mixture of Random Updates

Keeping in mind several tech news, I decided to make one topic covering the whole bunch of updates for today.

Tech News for Today:

1: Instagram Dark Theme.

After the dark theme update in Apple and Android operating systems. Mobile Applications including Instagram are also adopting the same theme in their UI (User Interface). Instagram will roll out this update soon by including a button option to enable a dark theme. Apparently, this dark mode will not be jet black but a mixture of black and grey color. This feature creates ease of use at night avoiding the negative impact of blue light. Some other apps like Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Firefox, and Google News etc have already implemented Dark Theme update.

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2: Huawei Plans for 6G Technology.

Chinese Tech Giant Huawei claims that its team has started working on a 6G network. While on the other hand, most of the countries are still in the testing phase of 5G technology including Pakistan. Huawei’s CEO, Ren Zhengfei said that it’s a long journey to take over 6G technology which may go up to 10 years. But their technical panel has started proper research work on it. Due to the trade war impact between China and USA, Huawei is not missing a single chance to take lead in the tech race against any other competitor.

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Huawei 6G tech

3: iOs at Risk.

Another Tech news here for today is about a critical issue in Apple’s operating system. Caused by “checkm8” exploit which may lead many devices towards the red zone of hacking. This exploit is basically a bootrom that identifies flaws of the security system when someone restarts or reboots an iPhone device. It takes control of the operating system through unpatchable jailbreak. iPhone models starting from 4s to iPhone X are under the risk of critical happening including several tablets and iPods. While the iPhone models like Xs, Xs Max, 11 and 11 Pro Max are out of this danger. Apple authorities did not respond to this exploitation yet.

Apple iOs

4: Careem Food Delivery Service.

On number fourth, I have a Careem update regarding Food Delivery service in tech news for today. Careem has introduced an App called “Careem Now” in Karachi City to take orders and deliver food on your doorstep. The app is available on both the play store and iTunes. Download it today and give a try to this new service by ordering some food products. Careem Now is already available in many other international cities like Jeddah, Riyadh, Makkah, Dammam, and Dubai. Its arrival in Karachi is for sure a good sign of tech development. Careem Authorities have an investment plan of $150 million for Careem Now to cover up more areas with more convenient services in the upcoming time period.

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careem tech news

5: NayaPay App.

Well, NayaPay Pvt. Ltd is another trending topic for today in the catalog of tech news. NayaPay will basically serve users of Pakistan as an authorized Electronic Money Institution (EMI) along with a mobile application. Allowing the user to handle transactions through a digital medium by collaboration with the top banking institutes. State Bank of Pakistan has officially given the approval to operate NayaPay services. Users will be able to open and manage their E-Money accounts for payments, fund transfers, cash withdrawal, and Debit Card access. This service will make finance-related operations more easy, simple, and convenient than before.


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