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Twitter Update 2019 – It will keep Abusive Content aside

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Twitter Update

Despite the fact that Social Media Platforms are giving their best to avoid sharing of abusive material. But it’s still a challenging task for most of these platforms including Twitter. Because the layer of negativity spreading through Social Media has created so many problems related to law and order. So, keeping in mind these circumstances Twitter is coming with a new update to improve its control over offensive content.

With this new Twitter update, abusive content or material will be automatically shifted in a portion called “Additional Messages”. While users can access these additional messages from the Message request folder. This process is the same as Gmail, where irrelevant stuff is transferred to a spam folder automatically. There will be an option for users to accept or decline these offensive messages.

Back in August, Twitter Support had tweeted about this new update containing DM filter to keep bad stuff aside. Which is now fully operational on Smartphones and Web. Both Android and iOs users can update their Twitter app to get this new feature.

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According to a survey report, Social Media Platforms especially Facebook and Twitter are on the top list in spreading fake news and abusive content. Recently Facebook has been criticized badly over its weak policies regarding privacy factors and fake news. Policy Makers are working accordingly to get rid of this dilemma.

Facebook has also created its new board of independent oversight. Which has a responsibility to make decisions and policies to improve the standard of content and its privacy. Even this new board has more power than its CEO Mark Zuckerburg while taking decisions.

Well, there is a need for strong decision making and policy implementation to avoid offensive content on Social Media. We hope this new Twitter update will have positive consequences in terms of controlling abusive content which is creating a negative impact on platform users.

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