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Ps5 Specs & Features – Sony is not Coming Slow

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PS5 Specs
Note: This article is based on pre-gathered data & information. There may be changes in specs and features of PS5 on the final release.

At least we are hearing something official after a lot of rumors on the internet world. Sony has confirmed its Play Station 5 coming out next year in November. This long-awaited journey of years is ending soon with some amazing things to be happen. The most exciting element this time in PS5 is its Specs and features which we did not observe in any other console before.

PS5 is coming with so many noticeable changes related to controls, hardware specs, and display support. Kenichiro Yoshida (Sony’s President & CEO) is claiming this arrival as a Next-Generation Console. While their top rival for PS5 will be Xbox Scarlett. Sony has also a deep eye over the increasing trend of gaming on smartphones. Let’s jump directly towards Specs, Features and other aspects of Playstation 5.

“Expected PS5 Specs”

CPUAMD Ryzen Third Gen with 8 Cores (7nm Zen2 architecture)
GPUAMD Radeon Navi Next-Gen GPU
RAMTotal 24GB, with 20GB GDDR6 and 4GB DDR4 for OS
Storage2TB SSD (Not Confirmed Yet)
Audio3d Audio Support
VR SupportYes
ControllersExpected DualShock 5 with USB-C Wire Support
Release DateNovember 2020
PriceMay be around $500 (USD) Which is not Confirmed Yet

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PS5 Specs

“Features of PS5”

Following are some advanced features to be expected in Playstation 5.

4K & 8k Gaming

PS5 will support gaming on 8k display panels. This experience will surely bring your gaming taste to the next level of advancement. Other than that, it will also support gaming on 4k 120Hz panels. Although getting 4k & 8k panels can double up the cost which is not affordable for every gamer. But the concept of panels below 4k is going to end soon.

Solid State Drive (SSD)

PS5 will come with a Solid State Drive (SSD) as its storage option. Which will have a positive impact on the load time of games and other operations. Just imagine its amazing specs that a game loading in 15 seconds on PS4 will load in 0.8 seconds on PS5 with SSD. In the near future, Sony may consider Cloud-Based system as a storage option to remove the hurdle of limited storage.


Hardware specs of PS5 are the most powerful specs especially in the catalog of consoles. It will be packed with AMD Third-Gen Octa-Core Ryzen Chip having a boost frequency of 3.2 GHz and Zen2 architecture which is based on 7nm technology. While on the GPU side, Sony has chosen AMD Radeon belonging to the next-gen Navi family for PS5 having various advanced features of gaming.

PS5 Controller

Sony will use the DualShock 5 Controller this time for PS5. It is also revealed that they will implement “adaptive triggers” technology on R2 & L2 triggers to improve the control mechanism of shooting games. The controller will have haptic feedback as well to feel effects accordingly during gameplay. Apart from that, the PS5 Controller will feature USB-C support for charging purposes.

VR Support

Luckily Yes, PS5 is expected to have VR Support, which is becoming popular technology on almost every single gaming platform. Mark Cerny (Producer of Sony Video Games) confirms that PSVR will also be supportable on Playstation 5.

Backward Compatibility

Backward Compatibility means here that you can play PS4 games on PS5. Both in the digital and physical form of media, which is for sure a great feature for gamers of relevant category. Sources are also confirming that some of the new games will be launched on both PS4 and PS5 simultaneously.

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Conclusion of PS5 Specs and Features:

The gaming industry is on its way towards the new phase of revolution. While expectation regarding PS5 seems to be going accordingly so far. I hope the results would also be similar as we are expecting. If this happens, then the powerful specs and features of 8k gaming on PS5 may create a challenging environment not only for console rivals but also for PC gaming. As a gamer, my perspective only relates to Gaming whether its on Consoles or PC. But according to business perspective consequences may create an alarming situation of competition. End results are only development, advancement and revolution in technology. So I will say that “Happy Gaming” and don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback in the comment section.

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