Apple iPhone SE 2 – It may cost you only $399

Gone are the days when Apple was known for its High Standard Products. Despite the fact that the majority of users can’t afford those products easily. While their authorities were not ready to compromise on a single percent of their standard policy. But due to negative fluctuations in the sales volume of previous years. Apple is now working on a policy of launching an average cost smartphone along with its top-line products. That average cost smartphone will be Apple iPhone SE 2, which is expected to launch in the first quarter of the year 2020. According to rumors, the iPhone SE 2 will probably have cost around $399. This figure seems to be far more acceptable for most users willing to purchase Apple’s new product.

As we know that, Apple’s newly launched iPhone 11 series is way more expensive than the other smartphones of the same lineup. Which most of the people including me can’t imagine purchasing. Apple, on the other hand, was expecting to cover up previous flaws through 11 series iPhones. But the situation does not seem to be going accordingly. So now they have a plan to launch a mid-range smartphone in the form of Apple iPhone SE 2. I have some pre-gathered information regarding its specs, which you can see below.

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Expected Specs of Apple iPhone SE 2:

  • Brand: Apple.
  • Model: iPhone SE 2.
  • Release Date: Expected in 2020.
  • CPU: A13 Bionic.
  • Memory: 3GB LPDDR4.
  • Storage: 32GB, 64GB & 128GB.
  • Display: 4.7 Inches.
  • Camera: Not Confirmed Yet.
  • Face ID: No.
  • Touch ID: Yes
  • Colors: Silver, Red & Space Grey.
  • Price: $399.

Prices may vary according to the storage capacity of this new iPhone model.

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Rest of the specs related to sensors, cameras, battery, headphone jack, and dimensions etc are not confirmed yet. It is also revealed that Apple iPhone SE 2 will have a design and size dimensions much similar to the previous iPhone 8. Which is still available in the market for dollars 449.

Furthermore, iPhone SE 2 will feature the latest A13 Bionic chip at its heart which is similar to the processor of the iPhone 11 series. So performance stability may not be a big deal here. Ram and Storage are also pretty acceptable but other features wise it won’t be stronger as 11 series have. Especially camera attributes in terms of both images and video recording.

Fans of smaller displays are surely gonna love this piece of product. Apple iPhone SE 2 may have 4.7 inches of a smaller display. Screen to body ratio is undefined along with front cam placement. Headphone jack, charging port and buttons placement is also unconfirmed.

Apple is not coming with iPhone SE 2 alone, they are also planning to launch iPad pro, Mac and AR (Augmented Reality) in the same quarter of 2020. Apple is strongly focused on regaining top position in the tech market by implementing strategies suitable for low budget users to high class.

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