Pc Build Guide – 9th Gen Mid Budget Gaming Pc for $700

Few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked for a suggestion to build a Mid Budget Gaming Pc for himself. I checked out for a Pc build guide on some online platforms. From where I found building the latest Generation Pc well suited for his gaming needs. So, I suggested him a 9th Gen Custom Built Gaming PC paired with i5 9400f & GTX 1060 Graphics Card. This suggestion met his wallet limits accordingly well with a decent gaming machine in return.

Today, I decided to share this build guide of Pc with you all. This Custom Built is able to handle all the latest game titles on 1080p with high to ultra settings. GTX 1060 obviously proved himself as the best budget match to go with. Otherwise, you can also choose GTX 1050ti as a graphics option. Detailed specs of that Gaming Pc are described below along with price range.

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Suggested Pc Build Guide:

ProcessorIntel i5 9400f$175
MotherboardAsus Tuf H310-Plus Gaming$100
Graphics CardZotac GeForce GTX 1060 6GB $190
Ram Gskill Ripjaws V 8GB DDR4 $40
Power SupplyThermaltake Smart RGB 500W $43
CPU CoolerThermaltake UX100 Air Cooler$22
CasingGigabyte C200G Mid-Tower$51
HDDSeagate BarraCuda$42
SSDGigabyte 120GB$21

Well, the total cost here for this Custom Built is about $684 which does not include the price for Monitor and Keyboard/Mouse. You can buy them separately. Other than that instead of buying new accessories you can also prefer slightly used ones like Ram, Processor, and Mobo, etc. It will minimize the total cost to adjust the budget for other related accessories. Check out the price match of these specs in your local market they may have up and down accordingly.

gigabyte c200g

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Apart from Asus Tuf H310, there are some other mobo options you can choose with minor differences in the price range. Like Asus Prime H310, Gigabyte B365, and Asus Prime B365M, etc. Similarly, you can get 1060 GPU of other brands like Gigabyte, MSI, and Asus. It may cost you a few more bucks from the total budget but you can adjust them making several changes in the cost of other accessories. GTX 1050ti is also a decent option here as a GPU if you want to save some more dollars.

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PC Guide GPU


This Pc build guide is for sure a good option to get gaming performance like high-end machines. Although I chose accessories from various brands but still it is a worthy combination of hardware. Because the current market is much expensive to build a high-end gaming computer. While everyone is not having that many dollars to spend on gaming. For more guidelines, you can visit PCPARTPICKER, this platform will help you to get more ideas and their worth in terms of gaming.

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