Whatsapp Hacking – Company Sues Israeli NSO

The situation is not going accordingly well for Facebook & Whatsapp. As Facebook is already facing huge criticism over the issue of political ads on its platform. While now its owned messaging app “Whatsapp” is also on the target list of hackers. All this is not happening for the first time, we already have heard about Whatsapp hacking many times in a row. But this time, the circumstances are a whole different than the previous cases. Because the related authorities are accusing it as a Country level Cyberattack.

Facebook is claiming that an Israel based Cyber Intelligence Firm known as NSO Group is targetting a number of Whatsapp users to hack their personal data. In this regard, they have decided to take legal action and sued the NSO Group alleging them of stealing Whatsapp personal data. A rough estimate by Whatsapp is revealing around 1400 smartphones from 4 continents became the target of this attack. So far, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Mexico are identified affected by the attack.

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Victims of Whatsapp Hacking:

Below is the list of affected catalog through Whatsapp Hacking. Among these, most people are famous personalities.

  • Topline Journalists.
  • Politicians.
  • Diplomats.
  • Human Rights Personals.
  • Religious Figures.
  • Lawyers.
  • Women Celebrities.

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Whatsapp Hacking

How & When NSO Group Targetted Whatsapp.?

Well, the registered case is claiming that NSO Group created several Whatsapp accounts starting from January 2018. These accounts were containing malicious code, which they spread through making Whatsapp Video calls on target phones. That malicious code got access to the memory of the target phone which made possible the full control of target phones in the hands of attackers. Although Whatsapp has a strong end to end encryption of users data. But somehow the powerful hacking tools broke security barriers.

All this scenario took place in the time span between April & May 2019 which left everyone shocked. While in the same month, Whatsapp released an update to make its database more secured from hacking elements. According to the Whatsapp blog, authorities contacted victims on a priority basis to inform them about this malicious attack. On the other side, the NSO Group clearly rejects all these allegations and decided to defend back the case. Let’s wait and watch for the final consequences.

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Can you be the Victim of Whatsapp Hacking.?

Probably yes, as I discussed earlier that end to end encryption feature of Whatsapp is a lot stronger than anyone can imagine. But their 1.5 billion monthly users are still at the risk of data loss. Because it does not take much time for things to get changed in the worst nightmare. Hacking tools are also getting more powerful along with the security upgradations. Whatsapp Hacking this time was only limited to selected category, but the common individuals may also be their next target. We have to keep things in order with careful use of online apps.

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