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Cortana App – Soon Microsoft will Remove app From Android & iOS

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What is Cortana App?

Cortana App is a digital assistant. Microsoft company is the maker of this app. The app is used in Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Xbox One, iOS, Android, etc. Some of the features are that it helps set reminders and answers the questions using data. Additionally, it also gives web results if the user asks to. Bing search engine gives these web results. The app also recognizes natural voices. Users can easily launch the app from the Start screen. It gives suggestions for tasks that the owner wants to carry out. The suggestions are on the basis of location and past behavior of the user.

Official Announcement from Microsoft

Despite the fact that Cortana digital assistant app is really good. But still, it isn’t as popular as other digital assistants. Recently, there were rumors that Microsoft will remove the App from IOS and Android. Unexpectedly, on 16th November, the company officially confirms that it is removing this app from IOS and Android. Not only this, but the company is also removing the Cortana support from Microsoft launcher from January 31, 2020.

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Cortana App Support Article:

A support article for a better understanding of this announcement. Cortana will not operate on mobile devices after January 31st. That will be the last day for smartphone users to use this app. Also, the Microsoft company will give an update for Microsoft Launcher to completely remove it. The company gave this article to only three countries. Those countries include the UK, Canada, and Australia. This means that the app is only removing from these markets. Still, there is a chance that the app will operate in other markets. The article was not given to the US. It means the app will operate there too.

The support article by the Microsoft company is as below:

Cortana support article for official announcement of removing it from Android and IOS devices.
Cortana support article released by Microsoft

Photo source: The Verge

Support Article Explanation:

According to the support article, Cortana will combine with the Microsoft 365 productivity app. The app is removing from Android and IOS devices. Still, it is not known whether Cortana is a trait of the productivity app. By looking into these decisions, we can say that the app is going to get more interesting in the future.

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The user’s Cortana data such as reminders and tasks will no longer operate through mobiles. Although, the user’s content can be easily obtained on the laptop. The user’s tasks, lists, and reminders will sync to the Microsoft To-Do app. This Microsoft To-Do app is free to download.

Additionally, Cortana will be functional on Windows 10 according to the article. But, only Android and IOS won’t access the app. That makes sense. Because the Microsoft company is building out a brand new Cortana experience. The app is building for Windows 10. This Cortana experience is built with the 20H1 release. The 20H1 expects to release in spring next year.

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