Top News Stories of the Day Related to Tech Industry

If you are searching for some top news stories on a single page. You are on the right page. Following 5 is the list of trending tech news for today.

Top 5 News Stories for Today:

1: Steam Remote Play

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Make your gaming experience more advanced with tremendous features of Steam. Which now allows you to invite Android & iOs players for playing multiplayer PC games along with you. Player hosting the game just needs to install and launch the game he wants to play in multiplayer mode. While other players can join him through Steam Remote Play on Pc and Steam Chat or Steam link on Android or iOs. So far this feature is available only for local multiplayer games with up to 4 team players. Read more at Steam

2: Uber Audio Recording

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Keeping in mind a smooth riding experience and safety parameters. Uber is going to implement a new strategy of recording the audio conversation of Uber Ride. Officials have confirmed this implementation in the US, while in the next phase they will test it in Mexico & Brazil. Uber will include an audio activation feature soon in the app on both ends. While the support team will be able to hear the conversation accordingly upon any safety issue. This implementation may somehow be a privacy concern for many users, but there is nothing more important than the security of its customers for any company.

3: Say no to Whatsapp

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On number third in the top news stories, I have information about a well known messaging application Whatsapp. Government of Pakistan has advised related authorities to avoid sharing any confidential data through Whatsapp. They also advised changing their smartphones if they bought them before May 2019. As we all know that this Facebook owned messaging app is under the huge criticism from the last few days. The reason behind this criticism is a weak security system of their WhatsApp database which is recently attacked by the Israeli Hacker group.

4: iPhone 11 Battery Case

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The whole planet including me makes fun of iPhone 11 cameras placement. But Apple, on the other hand, doesn’t care about this fun making. They introduce a battery case for 11 series which includes a camera button on right bottom. A more amazing point to be noted here is that this battery case is getting much fame this time. Apple is making these sorts of cases form iPhone 6 series. The button is capable of opening camera even the phone is locked and takes pictures on another press. This battery case will be available at the price tag of $129/

5: Samsung Galaxy S11

At last in the category of top news stories, I have some wonderful news about the upcoming flagship beast Samsung Galaxy S11. Ice Universe revealed that S11 will feature a 120Hz refresh rate of display but not a waterfall display. While it will also have feature of setting back at 60Hz refresh rate according to the usage cycle. We all know that Ice Universe is on top in providing the most accurate information related to future products and accessories of top brands. While the user now demands an upgraded form of the display from Samsung as compared to predecessors.

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