Nintendo Switch – Launching Next Week in China as Tencent Nintendo Switch

China no doubt has a huge market for gamers. You may find millions of gamers playing games on several platforms. Like Pc, Consoles, Nintendo & Smartphones. Keeping in mind these analyses, Nintendo has some plans to launch an Official Nintendo Switch in China. Which will cost you 2099 in Yuans & 297 in US Dollars. Nintendo launched its first Nintendo Switch back in March 2017.

Nintendo is basically a Japanese video company located in Kyoto. Initially, the company was found in 1889. While started its operations as a video game company back in 1979. Before that, Nintendo has shifted its niche to various businesses. The company has huge market capital and the most famous games frenchises. Now in collaboration with Tencent, Nintendo is looking to cover the Chinese Market by launching Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch China

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Tencent Nintendo Switch:

Nintendo Switch is expected to release on the 10th of December with 1 year of warranty. The bundle will also include New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe game. Right Now, It is the only game available, Company is working with developers to include more games accordingly. Games on Switch will cost you $42 per game & per region. On the conversation list, Nintendo is in touch with Square Enix, Konami, Bandai Namco, and Tencent’s Next Studio.

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China is really a game-rich country having 1.3 billion of Population. Among which a large percentage of Chinese spend thousand of yuans on games. Even, the Government in China has implemented bans on gaming than recommended hours. So you can imagine how far the gaming trend is in China. I hope Nintendo has tremendous future planning with the launch of Nintendo Switch officially in China.


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