China Ban will Prove Fatal to Foreign Companies Including US

China is reportedly planning to ban all government offices and public organizations from using foreign software and hardware. This move by the Chinese government will make a huge dent in US tech companies sales and most likely increase tension between the two countries.

The government has ordered all foreign software and hardware to be replaced in the next three years. For instance, all Dell, HP, Apple, and Microsoft computers will have to be substituted. Financial Times’s report cited a brokerage firm that said that 30 million pieces of hardware will have to replaced as per the ban. Furthermore, the software ban requires US-made operating systems to be also replaced. In other words, Windows will have to be substituted by an operating system that was created by a Chinese company.

China ban

The tension between China and the US

The tension between China and the US has been on an all-time high for two years now. The two economic superpowers have become rivals in a battle over which country will control the tech of the future. The US has put a ban on Chinese hardware from being used in America and the country has also cut off China’s access to American hardware suppliers. Companies such as Huawei have been affected and took a huge hit.

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China’s Plan for the ban

The country plans to follow the new three years “3-5-2” policy. The government’s aim is to replace 30% of the computers in 2020, 50% in 2021 and 20% in 2022. However, this plan seems quite difficult and hopeful on the government’s part. Numerous devices will have to be replaced, but the task is not as simple as changing a Dell machine with a Lenovo one. The parts inside the computer and the software have to be changed as well. For this reason, using Intel/AMD processors, and Nvidia GPUS are out of the question.

Chinese social media users took to the net and expressed their views. They said Lenovo could benefit from the ban since it is a Chinese company. But other users were quite doubtful.

Replacing the parts won’t be hard for the country because various Chinese companies have been preparing for this situation. The hard part is replacing the software, most importantly Windows and Android. Chinese equivalents to these operating systems are still relatively new. And just swapping the OS out will probably have a lot of consequences. This year, Huawei faced a lot of difficulties without access to Google services for its smartphones because of the ban from the US.

What do you think about the ban by China? Is it a direct response to the ban from America? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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