iOs 13.3 by Apple – Everything we need to know about New Update

Apple this year remained unbeatable to others. They totally changed the flow of market with top-line products. Apple launched new iPhones, Ipads, Macbooks, Macs, and many other gadgets throughout the year. While yesterday, the company rolled out iOs 13.3 for iPhone & iPadOs 13.3 for iPads. Which is considered to be the best upgrade for billion of Apple users.

iOs 13.3 is packed with several new features and improvements. Apple has made this version more stable and advanced. This Operating System is compatible with all the Apple devices including iPhones & iPads meeting hardware criteria. So, Check out your devices today for iOs 13.3 if you haven’t checked it yet.

How to install iOs 13.3?

  • Open Settings of your iPhone or iPad.
  • Then tap on General.
  • Tap on Software Update.
  • Finally, tap on Download & Install.

Note that, wait a bit more if your device is not showing any update. The update has a size of 694 MB.

Apple iOs 13.3

What’s New in iOs 13.3?

  • Screen Time: Apple has included parental control features for the first time in its operating system. It allows parents to control your child’s activities on phone by limiting his access to messages, face time & contacts.
  • Apple News: 13.3 contains a new look & layout for newspapers and stories with an option of liking or disliking news directly.
  • Stock: It includes Apple news in English, Canadian, & French language. Other than that top stories are now highlighted in new patterns with their detailed links.
  • Memoji & Animoji Stickers: An option for disabling Memo & Animoji stickers from the emoji keyboard is also added in new update. For doing so, go to Settings > General > Keyboard and turn them off.

Multiple Bugs Fixes:

  • Voice Recording issue has been fixed, where user sometimes was unable to share it with others.
  • Screenshot Editing issue has been resolved, where the edited screenshot was unable to save changes.
  • Missed Call Badge sometimes stuck on the notification line, this issue has been also resolved in new update.
  • Issue of Slow Wireless Charging is no more an issue in iOs 13.3 update.
  • Issues in the Mail App, which was first considered to be an issue of Gmail has been resolved in iOs 13.3.
iOs 13.3

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