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Pakistan’s Govt to Appoint a Foreign Company to Form Pakistan’s International Payment Gateway

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Pakistan's international gateway

Finally, Pakistan’s Govt is working to appoint a foreign payment provider to form Pakistan’s own international payment gateway. The advisor to Prime Minister Imran khan publicized this decision during a meeting while discussing e-Commerce Policy implementation with key investors from the public and the private sector. Pakistan’s international gateway once formed will pre-integrate with PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and Alipay.

Important Points discussed during the meeting

The meeting held with PM focused on different problems that are being faced in e-Commerce by the private sector. A large number of officials attended this meeting which included people from the National Information Technology Board (NITB), P@SHA, HBL, and leading e-Commerce Platforms from the private sector.

Pakistan's international gateway

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During the meeting, the advisor to PM focused on the importance of e-Commerce. He said that the aim of this policy is to produce more employment opportunities, empowering the youth by connecting them to global e-commerce platforms. This will eventually enhance the exports of Pakistan. He also added that the private sector should rightly accredit as the engine of development in every economy. Also, the government is committed to assisting this sector by eradicating all hurdles.

Private sector officials shared the significance of evolving the system. It includes the facilitation of foreign investment in e-commerce companies and startups in Pakistan.

Words of CEO NITB on Pakistan’s International Payment Gateway

The CEO of NITB emphasized the importance of e-Commerce. He said that his team is working to appoint a foreign company to establish Pakistan’s international payment gateway. The payment will pre-integrate with PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and Alipay. The security of the data carried out in Pakistan will be the most important feature of the payment infrastructure.

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In short, by establishing an international payment gateway in Pakistan, the issues related to e-Commerce will be solved effectively. This will result in the economy of Pakistan to flourish.

Sources: ProPakistani

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