Windows 10 new feature allows you to receive and make calls on your PC

Windows 10 newest feature allows you to receive and make calls on your PC that is connected to an Android phone.

Now, inside Microsoft’s Your Phone app on your PC, you will be able to dial a number or search through your contacts to make a call. You can also check the call history and transfer calls from your phone to your PC and vice versa. Basically, the app has been updated to support all call features. So, you will never need to pull out your phone while working on your PC.

With the new Windows 10 call feature you can:

  • Answer incoming phone calls on your PC.
  • Make phone calls from your PC using an in-app dialer or contact list.
  • Decline incoming phone calls on your PC with custom text or send directly to your phone’s voicemail.
  • Access your call history on your PC. Clicking on a specific call will auto-populate the number within the dialer screen.
  • Transfer calls between your PC and phone.

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Windows 10 New Feature

The app has gone through a lot of changes and development in the past few months. Microsoft’s goal is to make your PC do all the tasks that your phone can do without distracting you when you are working on your PC. Since it’s launch last year, Your Phone app has been downloaded over 50 million times on the Google Play store.

This feature is now available on all smartphones running Android 7 Nougat or newer. Make sure to update your phone so you can also get this feature.

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In short, I really like the newest update. If I am searching for a restaurant to order food on my PC, I can now just click on the number and press the dial button. The hassle of typing the number on my phone is now gone, and this is why I think the new feature is great.

What do you think about the latest update? Will this feature prove to be useful to you or not? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Source: Windows Central

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