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Today, I have a bunch of latest technology news to share with you guys. So without any time waste let’s jump towards those updates.

1: Galaxy S11 may be named S20

Samsung is having some big plans for the year 2020 which might be surprising for most people. Rumors are revealing that Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone may name as Samsung Galaxy S20. Since next year is 2020, So Samsung decided to have the same matching name for its flagship phone instead of Samsung Galaxy S11. According to SamMobile & Iceuniverse Samsung will launch Galaxy S20 on the 18th of February next year.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Technology News

2: Russia’s Own Internet

As an alternative to Global Internet Services, Russia is going to adopt its own internet services on the country level. Ministry of Communication Russia has confirmed that they have successfully tested that service. Which will be implemented soon after its approval from President Vladimir Putin. China & Iran, on the other hand, has already adopted domestic internet service. It enables more control of the Government over its citizens to keep things in balance.

Russian Tech News

3: Youtube Copyright Policy Update

On number third in the list of technology news, there is an update about a new feature of Youtube to control copyrighted content. Youtube has added a new feature in Youtube Studio Dashboard which will ensure creators’ content is protected from copyright material or not. In case material is copyrighted, then this new feature will automatically cut it off. This update will help user’s to keep their content monetized.

Tech News Youtube

4: No Messenger without Facebook Account

Well, technology news on number 4 in list is about the new policy of Facebook Messenger. Now, users will need to have a Facebook account if they want to use its Messenger App. Before that users were able to use Messenger simply with their phone numbers. This new policy is only for new users, old users can use their Messenger normally.

FB Messenger

5: Volkswagen Charging Robot

So, the last update in Technology news is about a Charging Robot of VW. Volkswagen has made a prototype of Charging Robot which will assist charging the batteries of the user’s vehicle in Garage. This Charging Robot will come with 50kW power, several lenses, sensors, and a camera. All these accessories help the bot to automatically find a parking garage for doing its job accordingly. This sort of invention can surely bring technology to its next phase.

Technology News

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