PUBG PC Season 6 – A new Map & Gameplay Features

Fans said goodbye to Season 5 yesterday, with hopes for something new in Season 6. While developers on the other end didn’t let these hopes down. Season 6 on PUBG Pc is coming with new stuff, map, and gameplay features. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the best battle royale game on both Pc, Consoles & Mobile Platforms. Millions of players are also playing it on an emulator.

The release of PUBG changed the trend of gameplay totally in a new direction. Gamers from having a small smartphone to a High End Gaming Machine became a part of the PUBG world. While now, a large portion of Gamers has started preferring Battle Royale Mode over the other gaming modes. If we talk about only PUBG PC, something new is on the way. Let’s discuss it in detail.

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PUBG PC Season 6:

Right after a tweet from PUBG Officials, Season 6 has become a hot topic on the internet. The tweet showed screenshots of a new 2×2 map including inside and outside environments. The map seems to be a location belonging to somewhere in the Middle East. Because the words (Jamila, Rakin) written on walls in the screenshot clearly belongs to Arabic names.

Other than that, screenshots are showing bullet damage to buildings and walls, So Season 6 is expected to have a destructible environment too. A new mechanic called Black Zone is another addition in season 6 update. You can consider this zone similar to the Red Zone, but it will also destroy buildings and hiding spots. So forget about hiding inside the buildings during the black zone.

A YouTuber Named PlayerIGN is claiming “Shakedown” as a new name for Season 6 Update on PUBG Pc. He also uploaded a video clip on season 6 explaining all the relevant things. Gamers are now curious to know about everything in this new season. Within a week, it is expected that players will be able to play PUBG with all the new updates. Moreover, the testing servers will be live today.

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Courtesy: PlayerIGN

Update in One Word with Screenshots:

  • Season 6: Shakedown
  • New 2×2 Map.
  • Black Zone.
  • Destructible Buildings

Following are the screenshots for new map and theme image

Courtesy Image
Courtesy Image
Source: PlayerIGN

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