Intel vs AMD – AMD is on Top now with a Huge Sales record

If we keep an eye over the market flow of Hardware Industry specifically PC. The 2 chip makers (CPU) are on top including Intel (Team Blue) & AMD (Team Red). While in terms of gaming, it always remained a concept in the mind of people. Believing that, if you want better game performance then go for Intel. Similarly, if you want a budget friendly performance then go for AMD Chips. This concept kept gamers loyal to the team blue for a long lime in the industry. Therefore the words Intel vs AMD are not new to anyone in the industry.

Other than this, Intel Processors are considered to be more cooler & energy efficient as compared to the AMD ones. So People started shifting towards Intel because of better performance, latest technology, and cooling features. The company once touched the peak of success with intel core series in the era of 2016. But what happened now.? You would not believe my words that AMD is getting the market position again with its sales volume and ready to leave the Intel back in shares. Let’s discuss some relevant factors keeping in mind the comparison of Intel vs AMD

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Intel vs AMD

Intel vs AMD in 2020:

According to a survey conducted by Jon Peddie Research in association with Wccftech. They revealed that around 41% of gamers own AMD CPUs in their Computers. Furthermore, they are willing to buy more AMD chips for future rigs. Gamers around the world participated in this survey to conclude the accurate results. Questions about gamers’ hardware specs and future plans were part of the survey.

Soon after the release of Ryzen Series Processors, Team Red has become strong. Even now they are capable enough to compete with the intel chips both in performance and sales volume. It surely may be an alarming situation for Intel to face strong competition in the near future. They need to make strategies stronger if they really want to keep their standard alive as a Chip Maker King.

Future Consequences:

Well, I would say that the survey reports so far are based on only limited stats. AMD may hit Intel with a huge margin of shares in real to become Market King. Because their ZEN Architecture seems to be something hard for Intel to compete with. While Intel on the other end is going with a similar strategy as they are following from a number of years.

Intel must implement some new strategies keeping in mind the competition and user demand. More Cores, more Cache, and more Frequency power is becoming a known title for AMD. Which is predicting a future race of Intel vs AMD at a fast pace. On the personal side, No matter how far AMD technology goes in the future. I will keep only intel chips on the motherboard.

Intel vs AMD

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