Lenovo is coming with another Standalone VR Headset

Lenovo hasn’t given its best in making the best virtual reality headsets till now, but now it seems like the company is giving it another try again. Lenovo is busy in making a standalone VR headset named as “Lenovo VR3030S”. This news was disclosed by a new FCC filing.

The main question that arises here is what “standalone VR headset” actually means? Well, this means that it shouldn’t require you to plug in a phone or PC. It is so because the processing power for the headset is built right in.

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Previous Lenovo VR Headsets

Formerly, Lenovo also launched two standalone VR headsets named Mirage Solo and Oculus Quest. Unfortunately, the drawback of ill-fated Mirage Solo was that it relied on Google’s defunct Daydream VR platform. But, this time Lenovo VR headset will supposedly run on a different platform. It can either be Valve’s Steam VR, Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality, or maybe even Facebook’s Oculus. Nobody knows yet what’s about to come!

Lenovo VR Headset

Speaking of why Lenovo isn’t lucky enough when it comes to VR headsets is because a Chinese electronics company was behind the Oculus Rift S headset. In case you don’t know about it, it is a tethered PC one that wound up playing second fiddle to the standalone Oculus Quest. Also, For extra information, there was a licensing deal between Sony and Lenovo. Because of this reason, Oculus and Playstation both have the same headbands. (Well, I’m sure you didn’t know this info, but now surely you do.)

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However, FCC filings don’t gather any other details on the new Lenovo standalone VR headset. We are curious if Lenovo will put forward FCC certification documents for a new set of VR controllers. Because Mirage Solo was left to rely on Google-built wands although Lenovo did wind up developing its own two-button controller. This controller was made by Lenovo for its second-gen Mirage AR headset with Disney.

We can just hope that the new VR headsets developed by Lenovo will not be as ill-fated as the previous ones were. For having confirmation about this fact, we can only wait until Lenovo officially releases this VR headset.

Via: The Verge

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