Google is Launching Online Coding Course for Americans

Google is no doubt a 24/7 tutor to all but since it is based in the USA, it will benefit Americans first. The good news from Silicon Valley revealed that keeping in mind the current employment conditions. Google is going to launch an online coding course for Americans. Which will prepare them to hunt jobs easily in the IT Industry. This online program is called ‘Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate’.

According to a recent survey, Python is the most demanded programming language to get a job in the relevant field. The survey also concludes that more than 530,000 jobs with (75000 entry-level) demand proficiency in Python Language. So, Python has become a need of time if you really want to be successful in the current job scenario. Let’s discuss this online coding course offered by Google in detail with its possible benefits.

Google Online Coding Course

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Google Online Coding Course:

Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate’ will be a six months training program. Where the participants will get a first hand training of Python, Git and IT automation. The certified individuals of this course will have a job ready skills only in 6 months. Furthermore, Google will also issue 2500 Scholarships for IT Training. In a recent statement, Product Lead, Grow with Google Said that,

“To ensure learners from underserved backgrounds have access to both IT Professional Certificates, will fund 2,500 need-based scholarships through non-profits such as Goodwill, Merit America, Per Scholas and Upwardly Global. Along with top employers like Walmart, Hulu and Sprint, Google considers those who have completed the program when hiring for IT roles,”

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Back in October 2019, Sundar Pichai (Google’s CEO) & Ivanka Trump (White House Advisor) discussed about several training programs and skills development techniques for the IT Industry in America. At the same event, he also announced that the certification program will be expanded to 100 community colleges in 2020. While now it seems that Pichai is keeping his words alive and contributing towards a technology developed America.

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Final Thoughts:

Well, keeping in mind the current circumstances of the IT Industry. This initiative by the Search Giant is one of the best motives for a successful IT Industry. Introducing such training programs & courses will surely enhance the skills level of beginners. They will become able to get jobs easily in the relevant field. Other than that, I hope Google will start providing such an online coding course globally soon. Because Python is a need of time, it’s better to create ways for gaining its knowledge.

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Google Online Coding Course

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