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Huawei vs Google – Huawei Signs Deal For Google Maps Alternative

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Huawei vs Google

After the US trade ban against the Chinese tech giant, Huawei has stepped up the game in the Huawei vs Google trade war. Fortunately, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei has signed a deal with TomTom for Google Maps alternative. To clarify, the US has banned any tech-related trade to Huawei. It means that the company is unable to use Google Mobile Services on its latest smartphones. Which in turn means, no Google Play Store, Gmail app, or Google Maps.

According to the Reuters report, the deal was signed “a while ago,” citing a TomTom official. Huawei’s deal with TomTom means Huawei can now use TomTom’s mapping, traffic, and navigation software instead of Google Maps technology.

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Huawei vs Google- Huawei to Create its own Map App

Moreover, Reuters says that the Chinese brand can also use TomTom’s software to create its own software apps. By saying this, we can assume that Huawei will be able to develop its own Huawei Maps app instead of a TomTom-branded GPS app on upcoming devices. This step from Huawei will serve a great deal in the Huawei vs Google trade war. This is a very good step by Huawei to sign a deal for Google Maps alternative with TomTom. As it is well-skilled in the digital maps area and also has a pretty well-rounded experience.

Huawei vs Google
Image Source: Autoevolution

The Huawei company also could have signed a deal with Here WeGo (formerly Nokia Maps) to overcome the maps issue for their upcoming smartphones. It would be a good idea because Here WeGo allows its users to download entire countries and continents for offline navigation. That also, free of charge. Nonetheless, Huawei is thinking to develop its own future mapping app by signing this deal. And well, according to me its a really smart step in the Huawei vs Google trade war.

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Also, it’s a point to ponder whether the Chinese tech giant will allow its users to import their Google Maps user data into the new app. Also, we can easily guess that the new Huawei app will be missing a few features as compared to Google Maps. To summarize, we can’t say a lot now because the Google Map alternative is not currently available. We can only know every bit of it when Huawei’s map app officially hits the market.

Via: Android Authority

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