Amazon Music Passes 55 Million Customers as It Slowly Catches up to Apple Music

Amazon music is often not talked about much when compared to Spotify or Apple Music. Nevertheless, the music streaming service is still growing and will catch up to its competitors soon. In fact, yesterday Amazon announced that the platform has passed 55 million customers globally.

Amazon still has a long way to go if it wants to catch up to Spotify, which had 248 million users globally (113 million of which are paying) as of the third quarter of last year. On the other hand, last summer Apple said that it had passed 60 million paying users.

According to Amazon’s blog post, subscriptions to Amazon Music Unlimited grew by more than 50% last year alone. If the music streaming service continues to grow at the same rate, it will surely catch up to Apple soon.

Steve Boom, VP of Amazon Music told Financial Times that “Amazon doesn’t talk numbers that much. We felt like getting to this level of the scale was something worth talking about.”

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Our Strategy Is Unique

Boom said in a statement that “We’re proud to reach this incredible milestone and are overwhelmed by our customers’ response to Amazon Music. Our strategy is unique and, like everything we do at Amazon, starts with our customers. We’ve always been focused on expanding the marketplace for music streaming by offering music listeners an unparalleled choice because we know that different listeners have different needs. As we continue to lead in our investment in voice with Alexa, and in high-quality audio with Amazon Music HD, we’re excited to bring our customers and the music industry even more innovation in 2020 and beyond.”

Amazon Music Tiers

Amazon offers many different options to users, ranging from free for Prime members to $14.99 for a top tier plan. All the plans are available to any user, but Prime members get discounts. Let’s take a look at the plans you can choose from:

  • Amazon Music HD: this tier is an upgraded version of Amazon Music Unlimited. It launched last fall for $14.99 per month (or $12.99 for Prime members).
  • Amazon Music Unlimited: this is the Spotify and Apple Music rival and starts at the same $9.99 per month price (or $7.99 for Prime subscribers).
  • Prime Music: this plan is free. If you are a Prime member, you have Prime Music. This tier offers users a selection of two million songs.
  • Amazon Music Ad-Supported Plan: if you don’t want to pay for a membership but still want to listen to songs, Amazon still has a plan for you. This tier is a free version of Amazon Music Unlimited and it is supported by ads and offers thousands of songs.

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I personally use Spotify because the web player is available in Pakistan and there is a greater selection of songs available (Urdu, English, Hindi, Korean). In February 2019 the Spotify app became available in India, so hopefully, Pakistan is not too far behind.

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