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Evo Japan 2020 – Arslan Ash is ready to Defend the Title

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Evo Japan 2020

I must use that same term here which i used at the start of my previous article over Ash, “from nowhere to everywhere“. Last year, the man who entered the boundaries of Japan as an unknown guy is the most notable participant this time in Evo Japan 2020. I am feeling proud to write that, Arslan Ash the world champion of Tekken 7 is going to defend his title of Evo Japan. Which is no doubt an honorable moment for PAK Tekken Community.

Unfortunately, the other top names Atif Butt (Heera) & Awais Honey will not join Arslan in the event. Because the Japanese authorities did not grant Visa to Atif Butt, while Awais Honey lost his Passport in Thailand. So the luck did not support them both & Ash alone is going to participate in Evo Japan 2020. These 3 guys made themselves a headline of the world to accept the fact that no one can beat the skills of Pakistanis in the Tekken 7 Game.

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Evo Japan 2020 & Arslan Ash:

Evo Japan 2020 is going to start by tomorrow. It will be a 2 days schedule from January 24th to January 26th. In the fighting category, some top names across the Globe and Japan will join this tourney. While Arslan Ash is defending champion of Tekken 7 title. Sharing his thoughts with Red Bull in an interview, Ash said that defending a title is even more difficult to win the title. But he is confident more to sustain his winning streak.

He further shared the moments of his tough practice sessions to overcome the mistakes he made in the previous tournament. According to Arslan he consistently did the game practice from day to night. During which he also played with random Tekken players in different arcades to make his grip more strong over the playing characters. Arslan has Kazumi, Geese & Zafena in his playing character list.

“I prefer Zafina because she is unique, has a slim design. She is difficult to master but once you do it, she can help you avoid situations which other characters can’t.”

Arslan Ash

“This time, I am taking everyone seriously. LeRoy is most popular character in the world now because he has insanely strong moves. I am aware many people are going to choose to play as him so I am preparing against him too.”

Arslan Ash

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Below is the footage of Arslan’s gameplay practicing for Evo Japan 2020. Watch & Enjoy

Courtesy: GenuineGamingAU

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