WhatsApp Dark Mode is Finally Here But only for Beta Testers

The long wait is finally over as the WhatsApp dark mode is now available for beta testing on Android. We are really sorry for the iPhone users out there, as they have to wait a little longer to get the dark mode. Initially, we feared that this feature will only be available for Android 10 users. But thankfully, WABetaInfo discovered this option for all the users using different Android versions. The dark mode thus replaces the app’s usual white design with shades of dark gray.

Contrary to early signs that there will be two WhatsApp dark modes, but at the moment, there is only one setting in beta. The new gray design will improve battery life but not as much as the fully black background. Black backgrounds having black pixels in comparison with the gray ones utilize no power at all. Nobody knows when the dark mode will be out of beta testing. But, appreciating that the WhatsApp developers have spent a long time finessing the details and experimenting, we hope that users won’t have to wait for long.

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How to get WhatsApp Dark Mode?

You will need to sign up for the beta program through the Google Play Store to get the WhatsApp dark mode. However, the beta program for iOS is currently full. Generally, there is no need to reinstall the app on your phone. You will receive the current beta release when your WhatsApp is next time updated.  

If you need to know which version of WhatsApp you currently have, just long-press on the app icon and select ‘App info’. Then select ‘Advanced’ and scroll down to the version number. It should be at least 2.20.13. But if you don’t have the latest version, simply open WhatsApp in the Google Play Store. Once opened, look for an “Update” button and update your app to the latest version. In case the Update button is not visible, download the APK for 2.20.13 and install it manually.

Once the app is in its latest version, reopen the app. Tap “Settings” and select “Chats”. There will be a new “Theme” option at the top with three options: ‘Light’, ‘Dark’, and ‘System default’. Select the ‘Dark’ option for getting the WhatsApp dark mode. Well, you can select any option, either dark or light at any time according to your choice. If you have an Android 9 version or lower, then you can also choose ‘Set by battery saver’. This will make WhatsApp switch to dark mode automatically in battery saver mode.

WhatsApp dark mode

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The new version of WhatsApp dark mode is available for Android beta users for now. But however, WhatsApp isn’t accepting any more testers as the WhatsApp beta testing program has reached the maximum number of testers. As a result, non-beta users will need to side-load an APK to get the dark mode. APK is available through the 9to5Google link, but remember side-loading can be a risk to your data. It’s solely your choice if you still desperately want the dark mode.

Via: TechRadar

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