Apple to Close all its Stores in China through February 9

Apple no more is just closing one store in China, but it’s closing them all. This decision came by Apple due to the coronavirus issue that has taken China by storm. Apple is closing all its stores, corporate offices, and contact centers in China through February 9th. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman disclosed this news in a tweet which is given below.

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Reasons for Apple closing its stores in China

Well clearly, it makes sense why Apple closed its stores in China out of caution. In case, you don’t know then let me tell you. The coronavirus outbreak has killed over 200 people in China, infected nearly 10,000 people worldwide and has been declared a global public health emergency. Other than that, the Coronavirus has triggered the first mandatory CDC quarantine in the US in 50 years. Due to coronavirus, foreign nationals returning from China are banned, and it has pushed many airlines to temporarily suspend all flights to the country. All these reasons are a major cause why Apple company came to this decision.

However, it is not confirmed yet whether Foxconn owned Apple’s Chinese factories will also be shutting down or not. If this happens, many of the workers will be dismissed from their jobs which will be a great risk to the economy of China. The Verge is asking both Apple and Foxconn to give a clear view of the scenario. According to the Verge, Foxconn would still be operating on a holiday schedule and won’t forestall any impact in production.  

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According to the Kyoto Shimbun, Nintendo says that the Coronavirus already has greatly impacted the production of its console in China.

The online stores of Apple in China will, however, remain open so that Chinese Apple customers can continue to buy online and contact online support too. Below is an image of a retail store page in China translated by Google that is confirming the closures.

Apple stores China

Via: The Verge

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