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Google Algorithm Update for Search Rankings in Feb 2020

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Google Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm is a mechanism of the search engine to get the most relevant and accurate search result for a presented query. While the Google Algorithm Update is the process of making required changes from time to time in the flow of search results and rankings. Which in result becomes a scary moment for many people while also becomes a bonus for others. As there is the use of a word Algorithm, so you can imagine how this procedure works to analyze, calculate and presents the searched data to queries in the search engine.

Google usually implements its algorithm changes almost 500 to 600 times per year. The majority of those updates are low level changes that SEO Experts don’t even feel. While some of the Algorithm Updates are massive ones, which totally up and down the site stats like a roller coaster. What I am seeing from the last Friday is something unusual. It seems to be a big Google Algorithm Update related to the search rankings. Although it is unconfirmed yet, but so many people on the internet have confirmed the fluctuations which they are facing for the last 3 days.

Google Algorithm Update

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Chatters Feedback after Google Algorithm Update:

SEO Community also felt the changes in their traffic stats just after 24 hours. You would not believe several site owners are claiming drop of a 60% to 80% in sites flow. Do check out the response of people being affected by Google search ranking updates.

I didn’t know what to think, and what to say. Yesterday website traffic go down 88 % and today is the same problem. What I must to say to my boss?”

I had 6 clients drop rankings pretty hard this morning. Backlink profiles are completely different, websites are optimized – can’t really make sense of it yet. Hoping maybe it’s just a blip in the force.”

The problem was that my traffic search from google from average 4k or 5k daily decrease suddenly in to 600 or 700 user per day and it is getting worse after 24 days after indexing by google webmaster.”

“Can confirm this update , down by another 10% . I am pretty sure the sites will continue the same trend as in the jan core update.”

Chatters of  WebmasterWorld & Black Hat World

Here are some recent tweets,

What Should We Do.?

During the period of a major Algorithm update, stay focused and analyze the new impact you are seeing. Make adjustments as per requirement and keep yourself safe for the next update. In the world of SEO, nothing is constant, people face major ups and downs during their whole career.

Experts always suggest facing these changes with a cool mind. Never ever react like a crazy guy to these updates in case you are going below the track after it. Just keep in mind that Google is always after you if you are doing good SEO and your website is optimized with unique content. You will stay safe, similarly, if you are using spin data you will achieve nothing.

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Recent Years History of Google Algorithm Updates:

Following is the history of some major Google Algorithm Update

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