Samsung Unpacked Event 2020 – Check out the major Announcements

Samsung grabs the attraction of the world every year with its Unpacked Event. Where Company unveils the new arrivals for that specific year. Most often, Samsung announces the next lineup of its flagship series along with some other gadgets and accessories. Keeping the track on the same schedule, this year (2020) Unpacked Event 2020 held yesterday in San Francisco by Samsung.

Announcement of Samsung Galaxy S20 Series and Galaxy Z Flip remained the focused point of yesterday’s event. Moreover, the Galaxy Z Flip is coming with a Foldable Glass screen. This is giving a clear edge to Samsung over the Motorola Razr’s. Samsung also unveiled the new Galaxy Buds Plus as an upgrade to the original buds. Let’s jump towards the detailed discussion of announced Products.

Official Galaxy S20 Covers having new features Leaked on Twitter by Someone

Source: Tech Insider

Samsung Unpacked Event 2020

1: Samsung Galaxy S20 Series

Samsung unveiled Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra at the unpacked event 2020. On top, we have Galaxy S20 Ultra with a bigger screen, improved cameras, and 120Hz OLED Display. S20 Ultra is also carrying game features with support of Xbox Game Studios. All the three variants include 5G support and vary from price range of $900 up to $1500. That much price seems to be expensive overall, but the provided features are making the range acceptable. Phones will be available to buy on the 6th of March, while you can pre-order them on Feb 21st.

Note: I will write a detailed review of each model soon

Samsung Unpacked Event

2: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Well, another major part of Samsung Unpacked Event 2020 was the unveiling of Galaxy Z Flip. After the Samsung Galaxy Fold, this one is another addition in that series. Which surprised the tech enthusiasts with a commercial during the Oscars. Galaxy Z Flip features a Glass Screen, which can be flexed at both half and full position. It also allows video calls while the phone is half flexed. Other than that it contains a little outer display which indicates the call notifications with a swipe for answering or rejecting the call.

Samsung Unpacked Event 2020

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3: Galaxy Buds Plus

Well, on a smaller scale Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy Buds Plus in unpacked event 2020. These buds are almost identical to the existing buds, but the sound quality and battery life are expected to be improved in the Plus version. Samsung also claimed that these buds will last longer for more than 11 hours over a full charge. Which is 5 hours more than its predecessors. Users can also charge them wirelessly with a smartphone having that capability. Buds Plus will be available from Feb 14 with a price tag of $149.

Samsung Unpacked Event 2020

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