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Video Marketing – The most Beneficial Strategy for Business in 2020

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Video Marketing

“Video Marketing is the process of promoting your business & brand with the help of video content”

At this stage of Era, if someone is running the business without having a proper marketing plan, consider it failed. Similarly, if a business doesn’t have a Video Marketing as an important element of that plan, it will get less in return. So, nobody can deny the fact that Video Marketing is a powerful tool to grow your business and its return beyond the limits.

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Video Marketing

Positive Impacts of Video Marketing

  • A video catches more user attention as compared to text-based content.
  • Its detailed content describes more information about the brand.
  • The more a user is aware of your brand, the more you will get profit in return.
  • Viral videos may go trending, with more shares and audience reach.
  • Video content creates trust between users and businesses because it makes things both emotional & transparent.
  • Apart from that, video content may rank on google if it is getting users’ attention.

Platforms for Video Marketing

  • 85% of Video Marketers prefer Youtube for their activities.
  • 79% of Video Marketers prefer Facebook for their activities.
  • 87% of Video Marketers prefer Linkedin for their activities.
  • 66% of Video Marketers prefer TikTok for their activities.
  • 11% of Video Marketers prefer Snapchat for their activities.
Video Marketing

Its Statistics

With Marketers Perspective

Video Marketing according to 92% of marketers (in 2020) is the key part of their whole marketing strategy. While 85% of businesses implement this strategy for their business. 99% of marketers are willing to carry on with the same strategy in the upcoming years. Moreover, 95% are those who haven’t yet tried this strategy but are willing to go with it. This trend has drastically increased the graph stats from the last 3 years.

With Users Perspective

Well, 55% of the people watch videos every day and 78% of the people watch videos weekly. 72% of people prefer video content to know about any product. Which is a lot more than any other form of advertisement or marketing. According to another survey, 82% of the total traffic will come from video content by 2022. 60% of people prefer watching online videos than television or other sources.


Guys, I will only say a sentence for concluding this all to you. More than 5 Billion videos are daily watched on Youtube. So, you can imagine how far this strategy can take your business. Make your business grow strong by implementing this marketing strategy. Stay in touch with Matics Today for more interesting topics & do share your feedback with me in the comment section below the post.

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