Microsoft confirms Xbox Series X will carry a 12 Teraflop GPU

Xbox Series X is the no doubt the most awaited gaming console to be released this year (expectedly). While its traditional rival Sony is also coming with PlayStation 5. But you know what.? A recently published blog may ring an alarm for Sony’s side, if they are not carrying the same in PS5. Phil Spencer (Xbox Head) wrote a bunch of new information regarding the technical specs & features of Xbox Series X. Which is clearly indicating that it will outperform than we have expected. Moreover, It’s Graphics capabilities seem to be a lot better than any other mid-range GPU. Let’s check out the details, What Phil Spencer has written.

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Inside the Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

12 Teraflop GPU:

  • Series X is confirmed having a 12 Teraflops of GPU based on RDNA 2 architecture.
  • It will perform 8 times faster than the previous Xbox One.
  • While it will be 2 times faster than the Xbox One XNext-Gen Processor.

Next-Gen Processor:

  • Xbox Series X will carry AMD’s latest processor with Zen 2 architecture.
  • This custom Processor will have 4 times faster processing than the previous Xbox One.

Smart Delivery:

  • Gamers will need to purchase only one copy of the game.
  • This new feature will allow gamers to play the exact version of games on any of the previous model Xbox.
  • The console hardware will automatically download the relevant version. Go to site do i need a prescription for wellbutrin .


  • This SSD will boost the speed of load times in the game.
  • If you have multiple games open, it will allow you to resume any of them from the same point.

Dynamic Latency Input:

  • DLI improves the latency of the Xbox Wireless Controller.
  • It provides high bandwidth and communication protocol while connected to the console.
  • Controller in result will ensure smooth and responsive presses.

Hardware Accelerated DirectX Raytracing:

  • This DirectX feature will improve the overall environment of games.
  • Like, lighting, reflection, and other dynamics inside the game.
Series X Controller

Final Thoughts

Well, it’s truly the next generation of consoles. Having such a great combination of hardware and features in Xbox Series X will break all the barriers for setting it up towards the new revolution. The use of the latest CPU and Graphics is now becoming a trend in the console category. Sony on the other end is also planning something big. If they continue to go at the same fast pace. That much improvement will make the consoles grip stronger over the game industry.

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