Here is the list of Top Trending News Related To Tech Industry

Once or twice in the month, I try to gather a set of various news in a single post. Similarly, I found this Friday to be a day full of tech news all around the world. So I decided to have them all on a single page. Without any time waste, let’s have a look at these trending news.

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Trending Tech News

Following are top trending news related to tech today

Oppo’s Find X2 Pro

To have some good time in competition with the top names of Industry. Oppo is announcing Find X2 Pro. This superfast device will carry 6.7 inches of an OLED display at 120 Hz of the screen refresh rate. The display is having curved edges with support of HDR10+. Oppo will insert Snapdragon 865 chip at the heart of Find X2 Pro along with 12 GB of Ram & 512 GB of Storage. Moreover, it will have 48 MP of the main camera with a new feature called O1 Ultra Vision Engine. This engine will handle the stable conversion of both the video FPS & HDR quality. Other than that, it will have ColorOS 7.1 as Operating System & 4200mAh of Battery Power.

Trending News Oppo Find x2 Pro

TCL Tripple Folding Smartphone

Well, its good to see that trend is moving towards the foldable phones. But it also remained a disappointing start for the brands who have launched their foldable devices. TCL actually don’t care about this all, they are thinking one step ahead and revealed the concept of Tri-Folding Phone. Before that, we have heard about a rollable phone too by TCL side. This concept phone carries 6.65 to 10.0 inches of display with 3k resolution and 20.8:9 aspect ratio. It consists of two hinges by name DragonHinge and ButterflyHinge, one hinge will fold inside while the second one will fold outside the structure. This phone will have the capability to fold twice as its name suggests.

TCL Trending news

Coronavirus Misinformation

On number 3rd here in trending news for today. I have information about the strict action of Google & Facebook over the apps spreading misinformation about the ongoing Coronavirus. Both the platforms are rejecting and blocking developers uploading apps other than government-related sectors. Google is also blocking the search terms on play store related to Coronavirus. While Apple has started a manual analysis of developers about the data they collect & upload on their apps. Spreading the misinformation may damage the real statistics of Corona disease. So taking such a strict action against the apps and developers is totally acceptable.

Corona News

Seasonic 750W Modular PSU

On number 4th in trending news, I will go with the new Seasonic SSR-750FA PSU. From the headline, you probably would be thinking it of as a normal Power Supply. But in actual, it’s not that normal, this PSU has connections for modular cables on a separate unit other than on PSU. While there is only one main cable attached to PSU. Rest of the others will be connected to this unit. Moreover, this unit will be attached behind the motherboard in your PC Case. So, no more worries about cable management. I have never seen this kind of concept with any PSU, Seasonic took the title here. Other than that, it is 750W 80 Plus Gold Certified PSU with a feature of silence up to 40% of the load. That much power can easily handle today’s GPU.

Seasonic Modular

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