Audi is going to launch Electric Car (E-Tron 50 Quattro) in Pakistan

The concept of Electric Car or Vehicle is already circulating in the Pakistani Automobiles Industry. Various local level companies & manufacturers are working to shift the concept of normal vehicle into an electric one. While now, for the first time in Pakistan, a well known International Automobile Company Audi has shown a prototype of its electric car in Karachi, Pakistan.

Audi is basically a German Automobile Company, which has a pretty good reputation in Industry for designing, engineering & manufacturing luxury model vehicles. On Pakistan’s side, It is surely a good indication to have such level investment by foreign companies. Let’s jump towards the detailed specifications of the electric car by Audi.

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Audi Electric Car

Audi Electric Car Specifications:

The specific model of this Electric Car is E-Tron 50 Quattro. We may expect to see it on roads by April 2020. Company is also providing a warranty period of 8 years which in calculation figures counts 160,000 km. Audi Pakistan has started booking orders for this car, you can book a one for yourself by contacting Audi Pakistan, Karachi Showroom.

On the technical side of specifications, Audi Electric Car features maximum power of 300KW. On a single charge, it may go on a distance of 417 Km without any issue or problem. The average charge time for this car is almost 8 to 9 hours. The car catches the speed of 100 Km/h within 5 to 6 seconds duration. E-Tron Quattro holds the top speed of 200 Km/h.

Source: NH Channel

Other than that, Audi is using electro-hydraulically integrated brake controls in this model. Which will provide extra smooth grip & control while lowering down the speed from the top. Available colors for Audi Electric Car are Galaxy Blue, Antigua Blue, and Siam Beige.

If you focus on the exterior of this car, its a mixture of both a luxury & normal looking models by Audi. The Interior is totally premium equipped with ultra-luxury features of dashboard & cockpit. The overall design is pretty attractive with sharp finishing that provides it a sporty look.

In the last, the expected price for this EV may vary around PKR 14,900,000/.


I am pretty excited to see Audi Electric Car on roads. It will surely be a good step towards minimizing petrol & diesel consumption as well as good for a clean environment. Although the price figure is expensive to afford for the majority of Pakistanis. But its the start of launching EV here & will get better with the passage of time. Stay in touch with us for more amazing topics. Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comment section below regarding this new arrival in Pakistan.

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