Google Removes Antutu Benchmark Apps from Play Store

AnTuTu 3DBench, AnTuTu Benchmark, and AITutu Benchmark are no more available on Google Play Store. As I discussed in one of my previous posts that Google is on a crackdown against the Mobile Apps violating Ads policy. Antutu Benchmark Apps also became the target of that crackdown.

Antutu apps are used by millions of people to benchmark the performance of their smartphones. A large number of reviewers, Youtubers and other Tech Enthusiasts use Antutu apps to compare smartphones speed with each other. Moreover, all 3 Antutu apps were having good user rating on the Play Store.

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Antutu & Cheetah Mobile

Why Google Removed Antutu Benchmark Apps.?

So far, there is no official statement from Google’s side behind this removal. But sources are claiming the connection between Antutu & Cheetah Mobile a reason behind the removal. Most of you have surely heard about Developer Cheetah Mobile, which is recently banned by Google due to Ad’s fraud and violation of Play Store policies.

Antutu’s CEO Zhao Chen in an email clarifies several facts by saying that Cheetah Mobile is only their shareholder from the last 6 years. They have never touched Antutu’s Play Account. He further said that the inclusion of Cheetah Mobile link ( in Antutu’s privacy policy link became cause of the Antutu Benchmark Apps removal.

Sources are also claiming that Chairman of Cheetah Mobile is in Antutu’s Panel of Directors. Chen in return clarified this conception by saying that it is a requirement of investors to include them in a Board of Directors. But they are not allowed to interface in Antutu’s any operational or strategic activities.

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Future of Antutu

Antutu Officials are in contact with Google Authorities to resolve the matter. While Antutu Official Site is still working and Antutu Benchmark Apps are also available on App Store. If you still want to use these apps on Android Phones, download and install its APK on smartphones (on your own).

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