Discord is Increasing Number of Viewers Limit for Live Streaming because of Coronavirus

Discord has decided to increase limit of viewers viewing live streams using their platform. It will be an increase from 10 to 50 in numbers but on a temporary basis. As we know that the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Coronavirus (Covid-19) a pandemic. Because it has spread into various other countries.

Health Departments have recommended avoiding physical gathering, grouping & going to public places. People in return are adopting remote ways to do their tasks & communication. Several Companies (Especially IT) are allowing work from home using remote sources to perform tasks. So Discord no doubt did a great job here.

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Their CEO says that they have noticed an increase in the number of people using Discord. So the team decided to find a way to help people during this tenure of emergency. He further mentioned that people may face some performance difficulties as this huge number of the increased viewers may cause a disrupt in software operations.

Well, for checking it out, Open Discord. Look for the “Go Live” button in the left bottom & click on it. Your live stream session has started, now it will be able to share on 50 screens. Similarly, if your friends are live streaming on Discord, you can watch their screens, there will be an indicator in Red Color.

Discord is basically a communication platform including Chat, Voice Chat, Image, Video and Live Streaming, etc. It’s compatible with Smartphones, Windows, Mac & Linux. Discord services are usually free, but if you want to stream above the 720p/30 FPS. Then you would have to purchase its subscription.

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