How Digital Pakistan will help Govt to Deal with Coronavirus.?

Unfortunately, Corona has also entered the boundaries of Pakistan & spreading into various cities. So far, more than 90 cases have been recorded with positive results. Such an increase in the number of Corona Victims may lead the Country towards the huge crisis. Digital Pakistan in this regard has decided to implement Data Science & Technological Measurements to deal with the situation more effectively.

“Data Science is the process of collecting, storing & studying data in a detailed manner to analyze its insights for accurate results”.

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Newly appointed Special Assistant to Prime Minister & Head of Digital Pakistan Tania Aidrus shared her motive in a tweet. By saying that, a “War Room” has been created, where a team of professionals is working voluntarily to cooperate with the government fighting against Coronavirus. The main aim of this team is to collect & analyze the data with the help of technological resources. Here is her tweet,

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We really appreciate this decision by Digital Pakistan to have its contribution in controlling COVID-19. The collection of Data using technological measurements has always remained a better option to control uncertainties. The government with the help of this data may plan accordingly for taking further steps. Before that, we have seen such an implementation during the Dengue Disease in Pakistan.

Digital Pakistan is on the mission of making all the things digital in Pakistan. The Major Role Playing Person behind this Platform is Tania Aidrus, she is the former executive of Google Company. She left her job and came back to Pakistan for serving her country. She got support on Government level has Started Digital Pakistan operations. We wish them the best of luck for their valuable role in fighting against the Emergency Situation.

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