Facebook’s Desktop Redesign is now Available with a Dark Mode Option

Facebook has been thinking for quite a while to officially launch its latest desktop version. Now without waiting any further, Facebook has launched its simpler desktop redesign yesterday, on March 19. With the new design, now users can select from either of the two designs, the newer one or older. By looking into Facebook’s desktop redesign, it seems that there is more importance on the two features: Events and Groups, the most critical ones of Facebook.

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While talking to The Verge, a spokesperson of Facebook says,

“Starting today, the majority of people on Facebook will have access to the new desktop design. People can opt-in to try out the new design before it becomes default later this year.”

Facebook’s desktop redesign rolled out today is quite similar to the mobile app redesign last year. With the new design, you can access some of the major features of Facebook in no time. Also, it employs a cleaner and simpler design which is generously soothing to the eyes. Sleeker icons, larger fonts, and most importantly, a dark mode have also been implemented in the new design. The layout of the website is kept very simple with fewer columns of information to look at.

How to Get Facebook’s Desktop Redesign

You can try out the new and simple redesign of the Facebook desktop by simply following these steps;

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Head to the Settings menu and click on the option “See New Facebook”.
  • It will take a few moments and then the new redesigned style of Facebook will appear.
  • In case, you don’t like the new design and want to move back to your older Facebook-style, simply click the button “Switch to Classic Facebook”.

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The most prominent change that can be seen in the new design in that the Groups tab is placed at the new and redesigned Menu bar. Clicking on the Groups tab will bring you in a new window where new Group suggestions are shown and also the newest updates from the group that you are already in.

Facebook's desktop redesign

Facebook Stories are moved above the “Update Status” box in the new design. While above the “Stories” section, there is a redesigned menu bar that contains tabs like Events and Marketplace that were before positioned in the left corner of the screen.

Do you like the new Facebook’s desktop redesign? Is it more user friendly or not? Do you have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments section below.!

Via: The Verge

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