United States is allowing access to 16 Supercomputers for facing Coronavirus (COVID-19)

According to worldometer report, there are 392,221 patients diagnosed with Coronavirus in more than 192 countries so far. While the death count has reached up to 17,226. This continuous increase in the number of Corona patients is not a good indication for the whole world. It may lead us towards a huge crisis in terms of both economic and health conditions. Relevant authorities have speed up their efforts to find a cure for this disease.

The US Govt along with other Tech Partners has decided to open access to 16 Supercomputers for tackling Coronavirus disease. Highlighted names included in this contribution are IBM, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and NASA. The approved Researchers from worldwide will have access to these computers for submitting their research proposals. Which will be calculated by these computers to get results as fast as possible.

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“By pooling the supercomputing capacity under a consortium of partners.. we can offer extraordinary supercomputing power to scientists, medical researchers and government agencies as they respond to and mitigate this global emergency,”

Dario Gil (Director off IBM Research)

Supercomputers & Coronavirus

Supercomputers are a thousand times a better machine than normal computers we usually own. These are monsters in size and need a huge space for placement. Big Companies use Supercomputers basically for high-end functionalities like controlling the nuclear system, climate research, and conducting other big researches. This time Corona Cure Research will also be performed by these computers.

With the help of 330 Petaflops, these 16 super-machines have the capability to perform 330 million billion calculations per second. While Summit (IMB) alone is capable of carrying 200 Petaflops. Machines will operate 24/7, you can imagine how much calculation can be performed in an hour, days, week and a month. This sort of operation can surely help to cure Corona disease fastly.

IBM is on top of the list for its supercomputers like Lassen having 34,848 Power9 Processor Cores & 3,168 Nvidia Graphics Chips. Other than that, cloud computing services from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google are also part of this mission. They are offering their services access free of cost to a specific number of Researchers. These Researchers will submit their proposals on the following website.

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