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The new Wireless Pixel Buds from Google may release this Spring

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Google Pixel Buds

Moving forward with the Pixel Series Phones, the Second Generation of Pixel Buds by Google is also on the way. 9to5Google has spotted the filing of these Buds in Federal Communication Commission (FCC). That is indicating the possibility of their release this summer. Before that, Pixel Buds were expected to release in Google I/O Event. Which has been postponed due to Coronavirus Outbreak.

FCC basically operates as an agency in the United States of America for the regulation of wireless products. After the thorough evaluation of various related aspects, FCC assigns Product ID to filed Products. Google this time, filed two models of Pixel Buds G1007 & G1008. Most probably one is for right and other is for left ear, or one is for earbuds & other is for the charging case. We don’t know exactly,

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Google Pixel Buds

Expected Specs of Google Pixel Buds

Note: Specs detail is based on Pre-Gathered Data, the original product may contain some changes.

According to Google, Pixel Earbuds are/have

  • True wireless earbuds.
  • Free access to Google Assistant.
  • Noise Cancelation Feature (Passive).
  • Adaptive Sound, 12mm Dynamic Speaker.
  • About 5 hours of Battery Life on a single charge.
  • About 24 hours of Battery Life with the charging case.
  • Wireless Charging from Charging Case.
  • Long-range Bluetooth support.
  • Water & Sweat Resistant.
  • Colors in Orange, Clearly White, Quite Mint, and Black.
  • The expected Price for these Pixel buds may $179.

Well, from the specs it seems to be a great gadget offering quality features, the same as the pixel phones have. Price range is also acceptable if it delivers that all. The expected design is remarkable, small and decent in size, fixing the ears from all angles. So, don’t miss to try Google Pixel Buds upon release & let me know your feedback in the comment section below.

Other than that, Microsoft Surface Earbuds, $249 are also on the way with a price tag of $249. Both these gadgets by Google and Microsoft were announced back in October but got delayed until spring due to Corona interference. Finally, in the market, Apple, Google, Samsung & Microsoft will have tough competition ahead in category of earbuds. Wait & Watch the game then,

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