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Verizon gives 15GB of Extra Internet Data to Users Through May

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Verizon internet data

A happy news for all the Verizon customers. Verizon company announces that it will be giving both its small businesses and regular customers an extra 15GB of internet data from May 1 till May 31. Back in March, Verizon announced the same offer to all its customers and business customers. It gave 15GB of extra data for the month of April in addition to a number of other efforts it did to help its customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today again, the company reached out to announce that it is offering an additional 15GB of internet data through the month of May as well.

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The Verizon basically covers 4G LTE phone usage, hotspot usage, and Verizon’s ‘Jetpack’ dedicated hotspots. However, it is not clear whether users with a fancy 5G phone should disable 5G for the additional data usage. Well, I guess it would be better for those to switch to 4G LTE for the time being and enjoy the extra data.

Verizon Internet Data Plans

Basically, Verizon offers unlimited internet data plans along with capped ones. These plans have different usage limits whether how much of it you can use at full speed. While remaining how much you can use for hotspots. With such plans, Verizon offers such plans too whose max data limit is of 2GB. In such scenarios, getting an additional 15GB is a major upgrade.

Verizon internet data

Expectedly, as most of the people are stuck in their homes due to the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak. They tend to use Wi-Fi more these days. In such a situation, this announcement by Verizon seems to be a really good gesture. It is so because there are many people who use LTE data more often than Wi-Fi due to whatever reason.

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To take advantage of this extra internet data, you don’t need to take any action. The extra internet data provided by Verizon will be applied automatically.

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