LG Velvet Smartphone to be unveiled Online on May 7

LG recently just about a week ago revealed the design of its upcoming Velvet smartphone. This smartphone is expected to be a follow-up of the last year’s LG G8. LG company has now announced that the “premium” smartphone will be unveiled on May 7 at an online event. The launch event of the LG Velvet smartphone will be streamed on the company’s official YouTube channel and Facebook page. The event will be live at 10 AM KST on May 7.

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Some Specs of the LG Velvet Smartphone

As we have just got to know the official release date of the latest smartphone by LG, the company has also released a new video on its YouTube official channel. The video basically is showcasing the vibrant design of LG’s phone. In the video, there is also seen the smartphone’s “Raindrop” triple-camera setup. The triple cameras are arranged in the form of descending order according to their size at the rear of the smartphone.

LG Velvet

Other than that, the video also highlights the four colors in the form of raindrops in which the smartphone will be available. These 4 colors are:

  1. Aurora Grey
  2. Illusion Sunset
  3. Aurora Green
  4. Aurora White

According to the latest leaks of the phone, the Velvet smartphone line won’t be like the flagship-grade LG G8 phone. It is so because the latest news and leaks reveal that the Velvet smartphone will run a 7nm Snapdragon 765G chipset. Due to the Snapdragon 765G chip inside the smartphone, it is confirmed that the LG Velvet is likely to be 5G-enabled as well. It is expected that the LG Velvet will support LG’s Dual Screen accessory and will also support pen input too. This interesting feature of the phone will make it similar to the LG V60 ThinQ.

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However, the rest of the features and specs of the LG Velvet smartphone is still a mystery. It will be known once the launch event occurs on May 7. We’ll update you with the entire specs and features of the phone as soon as the event is over.

Via: Android Central

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