“Coronavirus Attack” Game is now Banned in China

To be honest, I think that China has controlled Coronavirus a lot better than any other country on Planet. But some people don’t think so and creating Anti-China games to record their protest. “Coronavirus Attack” game belongs to that same category. This small game includes an environment where you have to stop the infected (Corona) zombies to escape China.

The game also includes a politically motivated content. A number of Badges with content like “Release Xinjiang,” “Free Tibet,” “Liberate Hong Kong,” and “Taiwan is not in China”. Moreover, another environment of this game claims that China itself creating COVID-19 in a Secret Lab. Seriously.? It looks more like a movie than a Video Game. That’s why China has banned the game.

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Coronavirus Attack Game

Coronavirus Attack Game

Coronavirus Attack game was released on April 23 with the main objective of fighting zombies spreading Coronavirus. The description of the game presents that, “A selfish-zombie virus has infected throughout the country. The virus carriers are attempting to flee the country. Your purpose is to prevent the selfish zombie virus carriers from escaping and infecting the world.”

The game also got negative user reviews, and a number of requests to remove or ban the game. Because linking Pendamic specifically to China is unfair in every sense. A user said that “It’s unfair to name a virus or disease with a certain area or people,” one person wrote. “Especially deadly ones. It is racism causing prejudice and misunderstands

What Creator of Game Said.?

This guy named MtyhZ said in a response to this ban that he developed & published this game as a protest against the Chinese Government. Because the Government did not implement better strategies to battle the pandemic. He further said that Chinese officials once claimed that Coronavirus germ will automatically get finished within 6 days.

While the World Health Organization did not claim it as a disease first that transmits from human to human. So people did their daily activities and travel as they normally do. As a result, this virus spread all over the world & today we are facing the economic downfall as well as difficulties in saving the lives of people.

Whatever MtyhZ thinks, his game is no more playable in China. Apart from that, no one can have guts to challenge the censorship policies of the Chinese Government. Previously we have seen Chinese own social media, mobile apps, and video game rules.

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