Facebook Has Rolled Out COVID-19 Care Emoji

Social Media is an important element of today’s world & we can’t neglect its real importance. For example, there is any information you want to get or wanna stay connected with beloved ones. Social Media is always there for you. While now, Facebook has added various attributes to double up the taste of time we spend there. The notable one is COVID-19 Care Emoji.

As we know, Emojis gives a new feeling to the words you wrote and make the description easy to understand for others. On the other end, the world is battling against Coronavirus & this pandemic has taken us towards the huge crisis. The addition of this COVID-19 Care Emoji during the emergency situation is no doubt a great gesture of support by Facebook’s side.

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COVID-19 Care Emoji

Facebook rolled out these emojis for the main app as well as for messenger too. Facebook App emoji is the reaction of a cute hug while Messenger App emoji is a purple color heart. You can find the Facebook App emojis along with the list of other 4 reactions that we already have. Like Thumbs Up, LOL, Shock & Angry reactions. Facebook released COVID-19 Care emoji both for its mobile and web version.

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So from now, you can use this hug emoji to show your care for others. Facebook is not limited to emojis, they are also working on other major projects to help the world fighting against COVID-19. That’s all Guys, stay in touch with us for more latest news and reviews. Do share your feedback in comment section below about this emojis feature by Facebook.

COVID-19 Care Emoji

#StayHome #StaySafe

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