Samsung Pay Debit Card is Coming this Summer

It’s been 5 years when Samsung first launched it’s Mobile Payment Service in South Korea. That well-known service is called Samsung Pay and the same is working now in more than 27 Countries. After this successful journey of 5 years, Koren Tech Giant is planning to provide a Debit Card Service called Samsung Pay Debit Card.

Moreover, the Company is also working on the Mobile-First Money Management Platform. Vice President and GM of Samsung Pay Sang Ahn further mentioned in a blog post that Samsung is joining hands with a finance company SoFi to launch this service. While both the services are expected to launch this Summer in the U.S.

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Samsung Pay Debit Card

Future Impacts of Samsung Pay Debit Card

Samsung did not reveal much about the Samsung Pay Debit Card and Mobile-First Money Management Platform. But we can expect it a great service to be launched. This will make ways easier to make payments and managing the finance matter with the money management system. More updates are expected to be revealed in the upcoming months.

As contactless payments are becoming a need of time, specifically due to the Corona outbreak. So stepping ahead towards this innovation is no doubt a good indication of future developments. Ahn said the same, “Now more than ever, people are counting on technology to help them make contactless payments, shop, and manage their finances without leaving the house.

This trend of making payments such a way came after the debut of Apple Credit Card. Huawei also launched its Credit Card service last month in China. Now, Samsung has entered the race and on the other end, sources are claiming that Google is also working on launching a Debit Card Service.

You can consider the info just as a hint towards big news. The rest of the news like Features of Samsung Pay Debit Card, Tools for Money Management Platform, Virtual or Physical Presence of Cards, Fee Charges, and Account Making Procedure, etc is still pending. I will update the post accordingly when Samsung reveals more about the service.

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