Second Extinction Trailer Released and Surprisingly it’s got Dinosaurs

Another exciting surprise from Microsoft as Second Extinction has been revealed as part of the latest inside Xbox presentation. Second Extinction is a new co-op shooter game that combines elements of Destiny 2 with Left for Dead. The most exciting feature that separates this game from the others is that it contains dinosaurs. Similar to other games, the initial levels are easy to pass, but as far as video games go, it’ll be hard-pressed for you to find a better elevator pitch.

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The developers who are behind developing this game are Systemic Reaction. They built the game using the same engine that also powers Just Cause 4. This video-shooter game that is quite like Destiny 2 will be called as “Living World Game”. The developers of the game, Systemic Reaction are planning to support the title with often content updates. Playing like that in the game will be a feature called “The War Effort”. Regarding this feature, the studio says it’ll be discussed in detail later.

The official video trailer of the video-shooter game Second Extinction is given below;

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What’s Inside Second Extinction?

Second Extinction is an intense 3 player co-op game. In the game, it’s up to you or up to two other friends to negotiate a post-apocalyptic world which is dominated by mutated dinosaurs. There are numerous unique reptiles that are present in the game and each of them has its own specific approach to battle. When you’ll enter for the first time in the game, you’ll be able to pick from four different characters. Developers say that more n more characters will come into the game later on.

The major part of the mission loop basically after completing the main objective involves trying to escape the planet. In case you pass out from the mission live, then you’ll be able to buy new weapons. You can also as well upgrade you existing weapons so that you can proceed further with tougher missions.

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Second Extinction
Source: Second Extinction

A confirmed release date is not known yet. But, there’ll be a closed beta version of the game this summer on Stream. However, when it will come to Xbox Series X, it’ll support Microsoft’s Smart Delivery Tech. Once you buy the game, you can play the game both on Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

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