iPhone 12 Pro may feature 120Hz Display and Improved Face ID

It’s just a few months before the release of the next batch of iPhones this year. We’re expecting that the new iPhones may include more exceptional features than just 5G connectivity, LiDAR and an overall display redesign. Well, here’s the main part that may make everyone amused. 9to5Mac has come up with a few striking leaks regarding the iPhone models particularly the iPhone 12 Pro model.

According to the leak by 9to5Mac, these iPhones will allegedly be packed with 120Hz refresh rates. This feature is precisely similar to the Samsung Galaxy S20 and many other rival smartphones. It is said that possibly only the 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch models may have a 120Hz refresh rate.

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These iPhone models will dynamically switch between 60Hz and 120Hz modes in order to conserve battery life in the desired situations. This type of mechanism is quite similar to the one present in the iPad Pro named as ProMotion system for a few years now. This news seems to be quite good for iPhone lovers, as the leaks before had suggested that the newest iPhone models would have a refresh rate of 90Hz.

iPhone 12 Pro with Improved Battery Capacity

Not only a 120Hz refresh rate feature is sufficient but in order to support such a high refresh rate, Apple is also thinking to increase the battery capacity of the iPhones. This will help the iPhone 12 Pro and other models to maintain good battery life. Even when the display is instantly being refreshed for lengthened periods. The latest leak also suggests that the 6.7-inch model iPhone 12 Pro might have a battery capacity of about 4400mAH.

Courtesy: EverythingApplePro

Now let’s talk about the leaks related to the camera of the latest iPhone models. Well, we may say that Apple is trying to improve low-light photography along with exceptional autofocus and better image stabilization. Apart from a LiDAR scanner that will be used to enhance the autofocus better. A smart HDR is also being put into the iPhone 12 Pro to lessen the noise in dark environments.

The leaks also suggest that the LiDAR scanner is used in order to improve the accuracy of Portrait Mode photos. In the video, it also reports that the telephoto zoom feature of the iPhones will upgrade from 2x to 3x. This extraordinary feature will let users get closer to the objects rather than just resorting to digital zoom.

iPhone 12 Pro

Improved FaceID

Moreover, according to EverythingApplePro, there will be an improved FaceID in upcoming iPhones. This is in addition to the rumored smaller notch design change of the latest iPhones. Possibly, the FaceID will feature a wider angle too. This will let the iPhone to be unlocked at more angles apart from previous models.

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iPhone is expected to release later this year. There will be four models with three different sizes. It includes a 5.4-inch model, two 6.1-inch models, and a larger 6.7-inch model. In case, there is some new and exciting news regarding the upcoming iPhones, we’ll surely keep you updated.

Via: 9to5Mac

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