Free GTA V Crashed Epic Games Store for 8 hours

GTA V is available free on the Epic Games Store for 6 more days

It’s been 7 long years when Grand Theft Auto V released on Xbox, PlayStation & 5 years on the PC platform. This 7 years old Rockstar’s title is still the most playable open-world game of action-adventure category. You can imagine its popularity from Epic Games Store Mega Sale 2020, where they put the Premium Edition of GTA V available free to get.

Install the Epic Games Store Launcher on your PC and get the Premium Edition of GTA V. That edition includes the full story, Online Gameplay, Several Modes, & Content. It also includes a bonus cash of $1,000,000 for GTA Online. I bet, nobody wanna miss this tremendous opportunity of getting GTA V without spending a single penny. Keep in mind that, this offer is valid till MAY 21st.

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Free GTA V on Epic Store

Free GTA V Crashed Epic Games Store

When people got to know that this game is available free on Epic Games Stores. Half of the planet let towards the Epic Store & became a cause of heavy user traffic. The Store afterward crashed badly & remained unresponsive for more than 8 hours. Store Officials also tweeted this issue & appreciated the public for their patience.

Well, Free GTA V alone is not the title to be noted on Epic Store, some other games also have discounted rates up to 50%. So you can get the games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Control and The Outer Worlds. Moreover, there are also free coupons available which can be used to get a discount of $10 on the games that have the price above $14. When this coupon gets expired after the purchase, the user will get another one to meet another purchase.

Before doing anything on Epic Games Store, don’t forget to meet the criteria of enabling two-factor authentication for your account. Afterward, you can get the way towards free games with the proper account security. For activating two-factor authentication, Go to Account, then go to Password & Security tab, there you will find options for activating that authentication. Enable it for SMS or Email verification and that’s all.

Guys, stay in touch with for more amazing offers you can get in this gaming world. Share the topic in your social circle with gaming fans and help them to get Free GTA V. Share your thoughts in the comment section with me and enjoy gaming.


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