You can Video-Chat with up to 50 People with Facebook’s new Messenger Rooms

Facebook has finally come up with a tough competition against the popular video-chatting app Zoom. Facebook’s new video chat tool named Messenger Rooms has successfully launched yesterday as announced by the company. It is available to everyone on both desktop and mobile. This means that there is no restriction to join in a video chat through a specific gadget but you can use anything.

Messenger room seems to be like a more enhanced and expanded version of the already existing Messenger, which is Facebook’s chatting app. The most striking feature of this product is that it allows up to 50 people to chat on the video at a time. Apart from that, there is no time limit for the video chat through Messenger room. You can join the video chat simply through the main Facebook app. Or through the dedicated Messenger app.

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What Facebook had to Say about Messenger Rooms

Facebook-owned Messenger’s official blog post says that you can either share or create your own Messenger rooms through Groups, News Feed, and events on Facebook. Also, the choice is all yours if you want a person in your group chat or not. You can lock a room to keep out intruders or to remove unwanted people out of the chat. In the blog post, it says;

Connecting with friends and family has never been easier or more spontaneous. You can start and share rooms on Facebook through News Feed, Groups and Events, so it’s easy for you to drop by whenever you want. You can choose who can see and join your room or remove people from your room and lock the room if you don’t want anyone else to join.

Facebook says that anyone around the world can create a room in Messenger. But people only in North America can start video chat On Facebook at present. Facebook also says that users will be able to create rooms on Insta and WhatsApp in the near future. Facebook says that they’re working to release the feature of having a video chat with up to 50 people globally.

Messenger Rooms

When will the Facebook-owned Product be available?

Another cool and important feature of Messenger Rooms is that a Facebook account is not necessary to join the video chat. People without a Facebook account can video chat too through a shared link. Well, to take advantage of this product on your mobile, all you got to do is download the latest version of Facebook or Messenger through the App Store and Play Store. In case, you use PCs, then download the Messenger Desktop app from Mac App Store or Microsoft Store.

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Currently, Messenger rooms are available to everyone only in the US, Canada, and Mexico. It will be available to everyone around the world in the next week as said by Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

Via: The Verge

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