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Edison Mail rolls back the new iOS Update after Users Saw Stranger’s Mails

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Edison Mail

A piece of good news for all those who were using Edison Mail on their iPhones. Thankfully, Edison email has come up with a new software update after iOS users were apparently seeing stranger’s emails on their phones. Many different users of this email platform from around the world have taken the web on board in order to report the disfunction that occurred after they applied the update.

The update was basically the addition of a new sync feature in the Edison Mail. The feature allegedly allows connected email accounts to appear across all the user’s tools. This feature would have added up great value to the mailing app. But disappointingly, something had gone extremely wrong with the feature.

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MacRumors says regarding this issue, “Other users have reported being able to see that other devices are indeed linked to their accounts. Thus indicating that others are able to see their emails.” This meant that people whom you aren’t aware of were able to look into your personal emails without your consent.

There were many people who reported this issue on their social media platforms. One user contacted The Verge and said that after he had once updated Edison Mail. There were about more than 100 unread messages on his mail from a UK-based email account. Apart from that, he said that he didn’t have to enter any personal information to see those emails.

Edison Mail

Edison Mail says that a Bug caused the Issue

Well, apparently, the company said that it wasn’t a security breach but in fact a bug. They also added that the issue only appeared to a limited number of Edison Mail users.

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The company further adds that it’s not sure what produced the bug. The update they rolled out was just to allow cross-device syncing but this glitch was unexpected. Well, whatever they may say to clarify, but still it’s not a good start for the feature. This security issue is proving that privacy surveillance is still the foremost feature that any user needs. To sum up, it is better to change the password of the Edison Mail just to be on the safe side.

Via: The Verge

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