Sad News for PUBG Fans – PTA may Ban PUBG Mobile Game in Pakistan

Pakistan may be the another country after China, Iraq, Nepal, Jordan, and some Indian States to Ban PUBG Game. Because Faizan Maqsood a citizen belonging to Lahore filed a petition against PUBG Mobile in Lahore High Court (LHC). While LHC in return has given instructions to PTA for taking the decision within 6 weeks.

The filed petition stated that this PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is responsible to spread violence. It affects the mental and personality growth of children. Moreover, it is also affecting the decision making power of children. Faizan requested not only to ban the game but requested to remove the PUBG Mobile Game from Play Store too.

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PUBG Mobile

Should PTA Ban PUBG Mobile in Pakistan.?

Well, according to my personal point of view, no game actually affects the mental capabilities of anyone. But relaxes your mind in-return, improves reflexes and decision making power for sure. Gamers play games just for the sake of entertainment and fun. Spreading violence and disturbance relates to someone’s own family environment.

The World is full of those violent people who never played any game in their whole life. But they still spread violence & do crimes, so we can’t associate gaming to any kind of illegal activity. I do agree that gaming for long hours without proper diet and exercise affects your health. But would not agree on any cost that it spreads violence.

On the other end, there is a number of Pakistani Streamers, who do PUBG Mobile Streaming as a passion. They earn money in return and meet personal and family expenses. Similarly, there is a number of those who are selling Game UC, Skins and other Vouchers. Then what about those.? PUBG is not just gaming, it is also a business owned by Pakistani people.

PTA should avoid taking the decision of banning and removing PUBG Mobile from any platform. Instead, parents should put more focus on their child activities while they play games. It will also make a better impact on their overall routine. Mr. Faizan Mqasood alone should not be the reason behind banning the world’s favorite PUBG Mobile Game.

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